Enki: modules for rain water retention systems

Enki: the safe and versatile modular cell system

The Enki system is a modular system which employs controlled drainage to resolve the risks associated with flooding during rain storms and violent downpours. The Enki technology makes it possible to combine individual cells to create a variety of underground structures to retard rainwater either for later controlled release into the sewers, or natural, gradual release into the ground; residential applications are also possible, to store water in small underground systems for later use as nondrinking water (irrigation, domestic drains, washing cars, etc.). Enki cells are made of polypropylene (PP), which is highly permeable and very lightweight, and are assembled together on-site with special clips which also assure proper alignment. This way of assembling underground structures has the following advantages:
  • no mechanical machinery is required for assembly;
  • no mechanical machinery is required;
  • installation is quick and easy;
  • all assembly is done on site;
  • the modular system makes it easy to customise the form and size of the structure, to adapt it to special needs;
  • its block-like construction makes the assembly more stable than other systems, even when no supplementary supports or anchoring systems are used.