Polyethylene pipes for sewer and industrial sewer pipes

HDPE pipes for underground sewer pipelines without pressure EN 12666

The pipes are made of high density PE (HDPE) and are produced in compliance with EN 12666, SN2 series for gravity underground civil and industrial pipelines outside the buildings and from the sea water. Their nominal rigidity SN is 2 kN/m², calculated according to EN ISO 9969 and given by the geometry of the pipes and the specifications of the materials employed.

PE Pipes MRS 10 (PE100 - Sigma 80) in straight lengths for pressure sewage pipelines - EN 12201

PEAD pipes for sewers and buried civil and industrial underground drains according to EN 12201-4. The pipes are made of high-density polyethylene and conform to EN 12201-4, PN 10 PN 16 to be used in underground buried pipes under pressure outside of industrial, civil and sea buildings.