System for supplying fuel gas injection
Pipes and fittings for system for supplying fuel gas injection

Coesklima Superk® Gas and fittings K-Fit®

Coesklima Superk® is the system for supplying fuel gas injection, made up of PE-Xb/AL/PE-Xb multilayer pipe, fi ttings pressfi tting multyprofi le U H TH, with diam. of 16 to 26mm.
The multilayer pipe combines all the advantages of plastic and aluminium in a single product: it is strong and resistant to cracks, corrosion and chemicals; the aluminium core guarantees duration and safety, and is impermeable to oxygen.
The Coesklima SuperK® is conforms to the Italian standard UNI 11344, which can be installed in accordance with UNI 11343 and is certifi ed by the Istituto Italiano Plastici (IIP) under code 269.