Pvc pipes for pressure pipes for drinking water, irrigation and industrial uses


PVC-U pressure pipes for cold water supply according to EN ISO 1452
PVC-U pipes for pressure pipelines intended for drinking water supply and industrial and irrigation uses.
Block sealing system
The “Block” sealing system is composed of an elastomer EPDM seal produced according to EN 681-1 standard having an excellent chemical resistance for all the lifetime of pipelines. The EPDM rubber is suitable for drinking water and completely atoxic, in compliance with the European regulations. The rubber ring is reinforced with an inside steel core which is firmly locked inside the socket groove during pipes fabrication. The result is a locked sealing system, this avoids all leakage inconveniences may happen during the assemblying of pipes. The gasket remains perfectly positioned for all laying operations even in case of particular costraints. It is anyway recommended to keep the surfaces of pipes cleaned and lubricated and to mantain the correct axiality of pipes during the installation. It is suggested to use manual levers and to avoid any mechanical help.

SupertuBO – Biorientato

PVC-O pipes ISO 16422 NF T 54-948 for high-pressure water
PVC-Oriented pipes are the most advanced solution for the conveyance of high-pressure water currently available on the market, with a number of exceptional features for this kind of application, thanks to the process of molecular orientation. The result is a layered plastic structure with clearly visible layers.
The strong points
PVC-O pipes characteristics give to SupertuBO the specific application in the field of pressure fluid transport (low-medium). In this field of application, SupertuBO gives its best guarantees regarding:
Flexibility and impact resistance
The high elasticity module of SupertuBO allows the pipe to be deformed up to 100% of its size, without structural damages and quality falling-off. If the pipeline undergoes a deformation, it will return to its primarily shape as soon as the cause of the deformation has been removed. This characteristic offers higher security levels than traditional PVC-U pipes in case of not expected stresses.
Installation’s aptitude
These pipes are lighter than other solutions ( cast iron, PEAD, PVC-U), in fact small diameters could be handled without the help of machines.
Hydraulic performance
Thanks to the good mechanical features it’s possible to have a huge reduction of wall thicknesses during the production of normalized pressure rates. Therefore, the hydraulic section increases until 30% more than others resin pipes at the same pressure. Thanks to its high flexibility, PVC-O pipes reduce the quickness of the perturbation’s propagation known as over pressure.